You must have a crypto wallet set up and funded in order to bid on Drops. We do not accept US Dollars or any fiat currency for payment on Drops by Legitimate.

Live Auctions

You will see a "Make a Bid" button on the product page when an auction is live and ready for bids.

Auction Format

Our auction is a reserve auction held on the Zora Auction House contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

There is a minimum price (reserve) designated by the creator of the product, usually in USD amounts or ETH. We convert the USD amount to ETH and set the reserve price before the Drop goes live and is made available for bidding.

The auction countdown starts when the first bid is received on any given auction.

Make a Bid

To submit a bid, start the bidding process by clicking on "Make a Bid" which will prompt you to connect either a Maskmask compatible wallet or use Walletconnect with your mobile or hardware wallet.

In our example here, we will be using Metamask in the Chrome desktop browser.

(The screenshots here are for demo purposes, your address 0xABCD...1234 will be different)

The wallet will prompt you to confirm that you want to connect the wallet to the Drops by Legitimate site.

You should see the balance of your wallet on the Drops site when its connected.

The only information we require upfront is your email which will be used to contact you for your shipping information if you win the auction.

In order for us to securely associate your email address with your wallet, we require a signature from your wallet with your email in the signed message.

In the next step, you will be asked to input a bid amount. If there is a previous bid, your bid must be 10% more than the previous as designated by the Zora Auction House contract.

You will need to confirm the bid transaction in your wallet in order to submit the bid on the blockchain.

Gas Fees

Because our auction is held on the blockchain using the Zora Auction House contract, there are transaction fees that are paid to the Ethereum network called "gas fees". We do not receive any of this and this fee is nonrefundable in all cases.

This price fluctuates based on transaction demand on the Ethereum network and we have no control over the cost of transaction gas fee.

Please set the gas to "Market" or "Fast" in your wallet in order to make a timely bid before the end of the auction. If you manually set your gas fees to something lower than the market rate, your bid will be delayed and possibly dropped.

Refunds after new bids

If you are outbid, the Zora Auction House contract automatically refunds the previous bid amount when the new bid is made. You should receive it in your wallet immediately when this happens. The associated transaction for refunds should be linked to the bid transaction on Etherscan in the Provenance section of the auction page.

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