The Legitimate Physical NFT can be freely sold and transferred as desired. Because the physical item and the digital NFT are part of the same Physical NFT, we encourage both to be transferred together to the new owner. The new owner of the digital NFT will need to use the tag on the physical item to unlock newly acquired NFT.


The Physical NFTs can be sold off-chain in peer to peer transactions. If you wish to list the NFT on a third party marketplace such as OpenSea or Rarible, please note that the tag is necessary to unlock the NFT and you are responsible for sending the physical item as well as the digital NFT together.

Drops by Legitimate is currently only available to select creators in our curation program and not resales. Please contact us for more details if you would like to participate.

Transferring the physical item

Send it through the mail or hand it off in person like you would with any other sale or exchange of physical goods.

Transferring the NFT

The transfer of NFTs needs to happen on the blockchain so the transaction is verified and recorded on the blockchain. Some wallets such as Rainbow Wallet have native support for displaying and sending NFTs. Others may not and will require making calls on the NFT contract directly to approve and transfer NFTs.

Wallets that support NFTs

We will use Rainbow Wallet in this example. There's a "Send" button displayed when viewing an NFT in your wallet. This can be used for transfers.

The "Send" button may say "Transfer" or something similar in other wallets.

Wallets that do not support NFTs

You will need to find the NFT contract address and bring up the corresponding page for the contract on Etherscan. For Drops by Legitimate, the Etherscan page is here.

Select the "Contract" tab and choose "Write Contract" and then connect the wallet that holds the NFT using the "Connect to Web3" button.

You will be asked to choose your wallet type and open our wallet app to confirm the connection.

Once the wallet is connected, open the "approve" accordion and input the address you wish to send the NFT to as well as the ID number of the token. You can find this information by tapping on your LGT Tag and opening OpenSea page linked under details.

This approve transaction confirms on the blockchain that you would like to approve the transfer of the token to the new address but does not initiate the transfer.

To transfer, call the "transferFrom" function and put in your own address in the "from" section and the new owner's address in the "to" function as well as the "tokenId".

The new owner should see the NFT in their wallet when the transaction is processed on the blockchain.

After Transfer

The new owner of the Physical NFT will need to unlock the NFT in order to see the full image, animation, and details of the item. This unlock may also reveal any exclusive content included as well.

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