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How to reset your Puma product's email address
How to reset your Puma product's email address
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All Legitimate powered items retain information about current owner as well as anonymized ownership history. Because the physical item and the digital experience are connected using Legitimate's technology, you'll need to reset the ownership information when giving the item to another person.

There are no restrictions to the number of times the email address can be reset.

Resetting the ownership information

The digital experience for your Puma product powered by Legitimate will display the current owner's email address from when they logged in to unlock the exclusive content and experience.

  1. Find the information button next to your email in the digital experience.

  2. Once you click the button you will have the option to "reset" the experience which will allow someone else to unlock the experience with their email address. Click the "reset" button to begin the process.

  3. Once this has been completed you'll need to tap the LGT Tag again to start the unlock process.

Once you've completed these steps you're all set to sell and transfer ownership of your product! You can even see a history of all the previous product owners on the digital experience. For more information on how to view the ownership history check out our article here.

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