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How to unlock your Puma product's digital experience
How to unlock your Puma product's digital experience
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What is a Legitimate powered product?

A Legitimate powered product is an item with an LGT Tag that allows a user to access a unique digital experience connected to their item. The digital experience can be unlocked by tapping the LGT Tag with a smartphone when a consumer has possession of the physical item.

Unlocking your digital experience

  1. Start by bringing the top or center of your phone to the LGT Tag. For more information on how to tap the LGT Tag with your smartphone including instructions for iPhone, Android, and older devices, see how to tap an LGT Tag.

  2. Open the website when prompted. For iPhones, you will receive a web notification popup. For Android, your default browser should automatically open with the website.

  3. Tap the Start button to begin.

  4. Enter your email address to login.

  5. Once an email address has been submitted, a 3 digital code will be generated.

  6. Open your email inbox and find email from Magic Link.

  7. Follow the prompted steps and enter your 3-digit code.

  8. After verification, return to the webpage and the digital experience will begin to unlock.

After completing these steps, the unlocked digital experience will show with any exclusive content that may come with your product.

These digital experiences are only viewable by people with access to the physical product. The link that the LGT Tag generates cannot be shared or reused. This ensures that the digital experience and any exclusive content remain exclusive to people with the physical items.

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