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How to Unlock Phygital Product NFTs

What is a Legitimate Phygital NFT and how can I unlock the NFT when I receive the product?

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What is the Legitimate Phygital NFT?

The Legitimate Phygital NFT is an NFT with special functionalities to ensure that the digital NFT and the physical item with the LGT Tag are connected and belongs to the same owner. When the item is first used by an end consumer, the NFT can be claimed or unlocked by tapping the LGT Tag with any smartphone.

For more information on how to tap the LGT Tag with your smartphone, see How to Scan a LGT Tag.

When the NFT has been transferred, the NFT enters into a locked state that shows a prereveal image along with a different set of metadata. To unlock the NFT, scan the LGT Tag associated with the product and connect your wallet to continue.

How to Unlock the NFT?

The NFT can be seamlessly unlocked if you have a WalletConnect compatible mobile wallet such as Rainbow Wallet or Core Wallet. Follow the instructions here to import your existing wallet into Rainbow Wallet.

  1. Activate the LGT Tag Experience by bringing your phone in close proximity with the LGT Tag.

  2. An unlock NFT section will appear if your Phygital NFT is locked

  3. Connect your WalletConnect compatible wallet

  4. Sign the unlock transaction with your Ethereum wallet that holds the digital NFT.

  5. You may need to manually request a refresh of the cached NFT metadata on platforms like OpenSea after unlocking to see the unlocked NFT.

Demo Sites for Locked and Unlocked Phygital NFTs

We have 2 examples of our phygital NFTs for demo purposes. You can view a demo of the experience that shows up when tapping the NFC tag with your mobile device below.

Token 9998 - Locked

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